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About us

About Company
Our company was established in 1990. We specialize in the manufacturing of furniture not only for houses, but also for public usage, including hotels. Besides furniture, we offer semi-finished products.

The biggest accomplishment is that we produce semi-finished products by ourselves.

1. Furniture, fronts

We offer diferent types of fronts:

  • oiled natural veneered fronts (optionally stained and varnished),
  • MDF fronts with PCV foil pressing,
  • frame-panneled fronts (optionally patinated and varnished),
  • acrylic fronts,
  • varnished fronts (matt or high gloss).

Besides fronts we offer:

  • finish moldings (more than 30 different patterns),
  • panels for furniture fronts and front doors,
  • curvilinear veneering forms from both sides, later used to furniture manufacturing and selling.

Elements from our manufacture are modern and ready-to-use for furniture production and interior decoration, therefore it allows furniture makers to:

  • lower production costs of kitchen, living room, hotel interiors etc.,
  • diversify offering models by using modern shapes,
  • improve a quality and aesthetic of production by usage of wide range of finishing elements,
  • quick adaptation of the offer in response to changing customers’ standards.

Designing our furniture we use all of those prodution strenghts thus we create products that will give every interior an unique effect. There are: living room, bedroom, kitchen furniture, systemic furniture, teen furniture and upholstered. All of the furniture are produced in wide range of colours. Our main principle is to care about our clients, that is why we pay attention to the quality and finishing of the products.

2. Hotel furniture, furniture by customer’s idea

The GOLMEB company comprehensively equip apartments and hotels in the furniture to kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Besides our own furniture collections, we make furniture by customer’s design or idea. We act in cooperation to architect’s design or we make interior projects by ourselves to undertake a valuation and offer the solution requested by client.
We assist in the selection of materials for furniture, as well as perform the overall design and the visuals of project. It can be furniture based on our collection, or it can be quite different furniture, customised by designer.

Mainly we do furniture made of chipboard, also from MDF board (matte film, super matt, gloss), acrylic sheet (acrylics high gloss), we use varnishing and natural veneering.

We make frames around door made by veneered chipboard as well as decorative moldings for walls.

We have machinery with high quality CNC machines, we undertake millings unusual shapes, eg. of reception desks. Through the use of modern machinery and our experience, all our products are of high quality. We complete orders quickly and in time.

We invite you to cooperation, wishing you satisfaction with our furniture.

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